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What is Proto Jacketing

Proto Jacketing is a jacketing and insulation solution for the insulation industry. The product provides a neat and attractive way to insulate and cover existing pipe work.

The jacketing is made from PVC and as such obtains all the durability and resiliencies as other PVC products. This PVC jacketing is used to cover the insulate normally consisting of foam based inserts.

Availability in many pipe sizes, types of fittings and colours makes it viable for use in many different industries.

Why choose Proto Jacketing

Proto Jacketing Pre-moulded fittings, covers and jacketing adds to the insulation value from hot and cold surfaces and is suitable for insulating cold, hot, refrigerated, chilled, or steam piping in commercial, industrial, institutional, food and pharmaceutical industries.
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PVC's gloss finish acts as a natural deterrent to mould and mildew growth.

Vapour barrier PVC makes this material indispensable for cold service piping systems.

Proto Jacketing fittings, covers and jacketing are non sparking and therefore safe wherever flammable or explosive materials and atmosphere are involved.

Proto Jacketing PVC covers and jacketing, unlike metals are inherently immune to galvanic and electrolytic action. They can be used in the presence of metals. They can be connect to other materials used for the insulation around metals.

Excellent chemical resistance is also one of the properties of this material. It resists most fumes, chemicals, humidity, salt water and adverse weather conditions and unlike metal, scratches or surface abrasions on PVC do not provide sites for corrosion attacks.

Proto Jacketing pre-moulded fittings and jacketing are easily washed down with soap and water and most commercial cleaners. The ability to be easily cleaned with non-toxic, odourless and tasteless properties of the material and its attractive appearances, make it especially suitable for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

When used outdoors, jacketing and fittings do not need to be painted or coated for protection.
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This website is here to show you a little about the product Proto Jacketing and what it can used for. Available from the site are MSDS for the jacketing and glues used as well as some information on product sizing and colouring.

A gallery is provided to showcase some of the situations the product has been used for as well as its advantages over other similar insulation and jacketing solutions.